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Delivery & Installments of Consultations, Plants, Pottery, Chemicals, 
Plant Material Design & Planting Yard Art, & Garden Materials


Here at Floral Tree Gardens, we carry a wide variety of plants, chemicals, mulch, and yard art. Our plant selection includes, but is not limited to: evergreens, fruit trees, palms, shrubs, annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetables, and tropicals. We have a nice assortment of mulch ranging from light to dark colors along with the option of pine straw. We carry Fertilome, Hi Yield, and Natural Guard chemicals, formulated for the Northwest Florida reigon,  that will treat any and all insect or fungal problems. Along with our large variety of plants, we also carry a beautiful collection of pottery to help dress up any plant and a wide mixture of yard art including: fountains, wall décor, garden accessories and more.

Click on the Lawn Care button to find The Floral Tree Garden Lawn Care Program that provides the proper lawn care procedures and product for your yard throughout the seasons.