Landscape Design 

1. Curb Appeal Consult

This service is like having an interior design consultation for your yard! I will come out

and evaluate your existing plants and landscape, identify problems and make suggestions

to add new life and curb appeal to your home. We will discuss proper pruning and care

for existing materials and give you a ‘grocery list’ of new plant materials needed to

implement the ideas we discuss.

This is the perfect option for a D.I.Y. gardener or someone who has purchased an older

home that has lots of plants, but needs guidance on what to keep, what to add and how to

bring your landscape to the 21st century.

This is a walking around and note taking consult, it does not include any drawing. Allow

1 hour for the consultation, and I recommend that the homeowner prioritize their

concerns so we can address the most important questions first-time flies in the garden!!

Curb Appeal Consult $100

2. Design Consultation

This service is an option for the homeowner who may not need a site plan for the entire

front or back yard, but has one particular area in need of designing or “redesigning”.

This is perfect for someone who has done an addition to their home or patio area, or who

may want to add a circular drive or new sidewalks. This is a “to scale sketch” of a small

area. (front or back yard) This color and detailed sketch will be done off site and picked

up by the homeowner along with a materials list and a separate labor bid for install from

Floral Tree Gardens.

Design consultation $199

3. Landscape Site Plan

This is an architectural size site plan for either your front, back or entire yard. This “to

scale” drawing will show all the existing details of the property and possible new

additions. We will meet for an onsite consult to discuss all the homeowner’s ideas and so

measurements and pictures can be taken. Along with your design, you will receive a

detailed landscape proposal with a materials list and separate labor bid from Floral Tree

Gardens. A second meeting will be scheduled at FTG store to go over the plan and to

familiarize yourself with the plant materials.

(A scale, hard copy of the site survey or house plans must be provided or an additional

fee will be added.)

Front and Back site plan $299